At the beginning of the second week we'll conduct a solo competition for two age groups: under 18, and 18+.

The first group competition (under the age of 18) will consist of only one round.
A program of up to 20 min. is required.

The second group (age of 18 and above) will have two rounds. 
The first is up to 15 min; the second - up to 30 min.

There will be monetary prizes for the winners.

A diversity of represented musical styles is encouraged for both groups.
Concertos are allowed, but shouldn't be the only piece you play in a round. The festival doesn't officially provide an accompanist, but we will have someone to do the job for an arranged payment (for rehearsals and performance). Please contact us if you need accompanist services.

If someone under the age of 18 feels confident and wants to participate in the second age group, it is possible. But you can only participate in either the first or the second group, not both.