On July 23, a competition in different age categories will take place.
It will consist of only one round with stipends and non-monetary prizes for the winners.
Each winner will receive an official diploma from the Festival.

The age groups shall be as follows:
1) Ages 9 through 12 - free program of 10-12 minutes of music
2) Ages 13 through 17 - free program of 12-15 minutes of music
3) Ages 18 through 30 - free program of 18-20 minutes of music

Sign-up for the competition is via e-mail.
The deadline for the sign-up is July 1st - no exceptions.
You must provide your exact program and timing. Changes to the program may be made up until July 10.

Gala Concert for the winners will take place at the Sheremetev Palace on July 24.